Welcome to the Lily Pond Nursery

My three daughters decided to name our ‘babies’ after the lily pond that we have in our backyard. Each year our pond fills with toads serenading one another.  We watch them choose their mates, lay their egg chains and witness the tadpoles slowly turn into little toads that hop away until they return the following spring to start the whole process over again.

Inside our lily pond, we hand sew each of our babies using the original Waldorf method from the early 1900s. Like many parents, I was tired of the mass made highly plasticized dolls of our generation so I started researching handmade dolls. I fell in love with Waldorf dolls and after making my first, I was hooked.

We start off with organic stretch cotton cloth (naturally dyed) for their bodies and faces. They are stuffed with 100% organic and cruelty free wool. (These sheep are sustainably raised and traditionally sheared in California. The wool is cleaned and processed chemical-free!) LilyPond hair is also organic wool, spun here in Canada.

The beauty of our LilyPond babies being stuffed with wool is that as your child cuddles their baby, they warm up and retain heat longer than a store-bought poly-fil doll. This makes them soft, cuddly and the perfect companion to inspire hours of play.

Each baby is completely different and unique. No two faces ever turn out the same so your child will have a doll that is completely their own. Each LilyPond baby’s outfit is handmade especially for them.


I enjoy making custom dolls, time permitting. However, I will list completed dolls that are ready to be adopted on the “Adopt a ‘baby’ ” tab. (The link in the menu bar  on the top) The best way to find out what’s happening in the Pond or when babies are ready for adoption is by following our blog or checking in on our Facebook page. You can also sign up for the LilyPond blog by clicking “follow” on the Home page and entering your email address.

*Please note:   Our babies are not suitable for little ones that still nibble on their toys.


Prices are dependent on a how your baby is constructed.    ALL babies are made with the highest quality organic materials. We won’t compromise our excellent reputation by cutting costs. However, some specialty hair yarns cost more than others. Button-string joint babies and toe/finger details are also a little extra. (Outfits are included in pricing.)

Little Lilies (under 12″ $50) Lily Pond Babies ($80 and up)

Shipping: We are located in Southern Ontario so we ship within Canada via Canada Post registered mail. All orders headed to the USA are shipped from Michigan via USPS priority mail. For all other destinations, please contact the nursery for a shipping quote.


If you still have questions our would like to contact us regarding placing an order for a custom LilyPond baby, please contact the nursery at: lilypondbaby@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you adopt your child’s new best friend.